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Welcome to BreakAway Sports

Founded in Dallas, Texas in 2002, BreakAway Sports Marketing is a full service marketing agency consisting of a small group of handpicked sports marketing professionals who specialize in matching clients visions with sports, events and marketing properties to create strong, sustainable ties between consumers and those brands. Our primary focus is event marketing and public relations in the sports world. Our clients are both corporate and sports organizations. Our strengths are our diverse sports experience and success in building relationships, while our small size gives us a stronger connection with our clients and unmatched attention to details.

Our Partners


At BreakAway, we pride ourselves on cultivating relationships with the top sports properties and media channels in the US. Learn more about the many property partners we work with.

Event Marketing


BreakAway creates, manages and provides thorough result analysis around compelling fan and customer marketing program events across North America.

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